Bitcoins Directory

Bitcoin enables instant transactions anywhere in the world. No more waiting until a few days, funds will go to customers such as China and the USA.Very small fee or none. You can voluntarily pay a fee for the transfer thereby contributing to the miners so that there is a network.The anonymity of the transaction. Your bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous and the potential to change with each transfer.There are no intermediaries in the transfers. Transfer goes directly to the recipient apart from banks and other financial institutions.Bitcoiny can not be falsified and are beyond the control of governments and financial elites. Bitcoin Directory is an opportunity for innovative thinking people, not afraid of the risks associated with new products. Bitcoin is for you. In the real world, banks guarantee the security of stored money and the state is responsible for the value of the money to cover the goods and commodities. In the traditional system, there are many gaps and barriers for the common man because a great complement to this system is the bitcoin.Incredible comfort that bitcoin gives to its users. Shortly after installing the client program can use the bitcoin without any registration, without creating an account without undue bureaucracy. It's easy. See for yourself! Banking usually double the value of purchased services especially when it comes to small amounts. In this case, the limitations and drawbacks of our monetary system, usually resign from the transaction.